Noodles Dryer


Introducing the Noodles Dryer, a customized and superior-grade solution for noodle drying, available at ₹45,000 per piece. Crafted with precision, this noodle dryer is designed for commercial use, offering a capacity of 60 kg.

Constructed with an inner stainless steel (SS) and outer mild steel (MS) material, this Noodles Dryer ensures robustness, hygiene, and efficient drying of noodles. The color-coated finish adds durability and longevity to the machine. With a weight of 120 kg, it provides a stable and reliable platform for the noodle drying process.

Shiv Kitchen Equipment deals in providing customized MS and SS material noodle drying machines of superior quality, catering to the specific needs of commercial noodle production. Whether used in restaurants, hotels, or other food establishments, this noodle dryer is designed to meet the demands of high-volume noodle drying.

Elevate your noodle production process with the Noodles Dryer, where top-quality materials meet practical design for an efficient and reliable drying solution. Shiv Kitchen Equipment ensures that this noodle dryer is tailored to the specific needs of the commercial noodle industry across India.

Noodles Dryer

₹ 45,000/ Piece Get Latest Price

Capacity 60KG
Material Inner ss and outer MS
Finish Color Coated
Weight 120 KG
Machine Type 1- Stage
Output 50-100 kg/hr

we deal in customized MS and SS material superior grade Noodle drying machine which is being supplied pan India


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