Pizza Makeline Refrigerator


Introducing the Pizza Makeline Refrigerator, a professional-grade and efficient solution for commercial use, priced at ₹65,000 per piece. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this refrigerator is designed to meet the specific needs of pizza preparation and storage in commercial settings.

Featuring a rectangular shape, the Pizza Makeline Refrigerator offers ample space for organizing and assembling pizza ingredients. Whether used in pizzerias, restaurants, or other commercial kitchens, this refrigerator is tailored for efficient pizza production.

Elevate your pizza preparation process with the Pizza Makeline Refrigerator, where top-quality materials meet functional design for an efficient and reliable solution. Whether you’re assembling pizzas for delivery or dine-in, this refrigerator ensures that your ingredients are stored and organized effectively, contributing to a smooth and streamlined pizza-making operation.

Material Stainless Steel
Shape Rectangular
Usage/Application Commercial Use

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